Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone Launching A Mobile Startup, “Jelly”

This just in, from AllThingsD: Twitter co-founder Biz Stone is close to launching a new startup called Jelly.

Here’s what we know about it right now.

Sources told AllThings D that Biz has already hired four or five employees to form a team on the mystery product, and that it will likely be a mobile-focused venture.

Right now, in his post-Twitter life, Biz is also running, along with another Twitter co-founder Ev Williams, an incubator called Obvious. The company has startups such as Lift, Branch, and Medium in its portfolio.

And, perhaps soon: Jelly.

There is currently a digital product called Jellly (with three L’s), a bookmarklet and Chrome extension that surfaces related content for you while you’re browsing online. And Jelly is also the name of a semi-weekly work-together movement started back in 2006 before the co-working movement really took off.

Hopefully Biz’s Jelly will blow both of those concepts out of the water. All eyes on the entrepreneur’s next move.

(Image via Shutterstock)