10 Useful Location Apps For Your Blackberry

With 40 percent market share of the smartphone market, BlackBerry yields a lot of influence, which is why there are now numerous location applications popping up for the platform. From GPS location trackers and location aware Twitter clients to apps that provide local recommendations for places to hang out and eat, to apps that will help you stay fit and healthy. Here are our picks of the 10 most useful location aware apps for BlackBerry.

GPS Tracker

A handy mobile GPS software with all basic location features – you are able to track your phone’s location in real-time, share your location, and record track as you move. Probably the most interesting (and useful) feature is ability to recover lost or stolen phone as it is able to start automatically and run in background. If you are searching for some some app with basic location features this may be your first app to take a look at.


If you are not familiar with FourSquare features, you probably haven’t been reading this blog! It basically allows you to ‘check-in’ and tell your friends where you are at current moment. By doing so you are giving out recommendations to others about great places to hang out. You can also see where your friends are, and there is a little bit of a gaming dynamic in which you compete to become the mayor of various locations by checking in there the most frequently. FourSquare is one of the first of “check-in” apps that added support for Blackberry, but we would expect others to follow shortly


Also a very popular geolocation app that let’s you discover great places near you and see where your friends are. It is filled with tons of features. You can find and ping your friends and update Twitter and Facebook with your current location (add a picture too). Loopt also can run in background and update your current location in real-time. Loopt is probably one of the top 3 location apps out there right now.


Great app for planning events with friends and colleagues. With this app you can make restaurant reservations, buy movie tickets, find all necessary information about places you would like to visit. You can sync your plans with BlackBerry Calendar and use your contact book for inviting our friends to come by.


They know everything about great places to eat! It uses your current location to find places near you and provides detail information about them. Browse around and choose a place you would like to visit or just spin the Urbanspoon slot to get some random recommendation.


This is probably the most popular Twitter client for Blackberry that supports location features. Then again, Twitter just launched their own Blackberry application, but this one is really slick. It enables users to geotag their tweets and see their friends’ location on the go. Besides location it is pretty solid Twitter app and has all the features necessary for tweeting: URL shortening, photo/video embedding, lists, and many more. Check out TweetGenius, also a nice location aware Twitter client.

Simultravel GPS

Must have app for traveling! It provides you best hotel deals around so you can quickly choose a place to stay. Imagine you must stay at the airport overnight, Simutravel GPS will help you find great place to stay for the least amount of money.


It’s a small, but very useful application for those who like outdoor activities. Using built-in GPS it measures the distance you travel (miles or kilometers) and your average speed. It is perfect for running, biking and other activities. You can buy this app for $2.99.

nRange Golf GPS

Great app for golfers! Using this range finder application, you will get extremely effective accuracy … so much, you’ll feel as though you have been using a dedicated GPS device. They have great support too: request to map any US golf course and you will get it within two days.

Bones In Motion

App designed for people with active lifestyle that love different outdoor activities. Using phones GPS BiM records your track as you move and gives detail information about your current activity. You can share your location and other information with people that have same interests.