BlackBook Magazine Relaunches as Digital-Print Hybrid

There’s solid film coverage, the now-obligatory native content and more at, the recently relaunched digital incarnation of BlackBook magazine. Next fall, the first bi-annual print issue will arrive, retailing for $10.

Original founder Evanly Schindler is back at the helm as editorial director, together with chairman Jon Bond, publisher Hunter Hill and sponsors Belstaff, Audible and Bang & Olufsen. Schindler tells FishbowlNY via email that shifting a content brand primarily to the Web comes with its own, particular set of challenges.

“The trick is transporting a respected, known arts & culture periodical to a successful and scalable daily digital execution,” he says. “The maintenance of provocation, intelligence and curation is much more difficult within the context of an ongoing conversation.”

“What was unique, cool, alternative, sub-culture is now commoditized,” Schindler continues. “So it’s more slippery and elusive, but also even more valuable because everyone is trying to package it. Act II, stage left, enter BlackBook.”

Schindler says he has some fun surprises planned for 2014. Subscriptions for the biannual issues will cost $17; strategic partners include Williamsburg production company Picture Farm and Web developers Evolvinx.

Rounding out Schindler’s editorial staff are editor Aaron Hicklin; senior editor, arts & culture Hillary Weston; senior editor, style Alyssa Shapiro; and video editors Ben Freedman, John Fego. Check it out.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.