Blog Bash Party Sweaty, Understaffed

Blog Bash hosted its annual CPAC party for right of center bloggers last Thursday and as we noted, we weren’t placed on the “exclusive” RSVP list.

We talked to a few of the elite, however, who did make it to the party, which was thrown at Microsoft’s Innovation and Policy Center on K street. We’re told it was overcrowded, stuffy and the bar was understaffed, though Ben Freed of DCist said he didn’t have trouble getting a drink. We hear from one blogger that the food was good but the music was just fair.

“Douchey would be the best way to describe it,” a separate disillusioned source (who still hopes to be invited back next year) told FBDC. Our informant also noted the contents of the “goodie bags” handed out at Blog Bash:

“1 book about what Lincoln would say to Barack Obama if he beamed in like Star Trek, 1 book called ‘Dispatches from Bitter America,’ 1 DVD of a movie called ‘Injustice’ about how trial lawyers are ruining America, 1 squishy STOP sign-shaped stress ball from a group calling for a ‘stop to the IRS, and a T- shirt (pictured to the right).”

The good news? “The party was not exclusive as originally advertised,” the source said. “[Slate‘s] Dave Weigel was there wearing [Rep.] Dana Rohrabacher‘s (R-CA) name tag.” That sounds borderline illegal but there were no ensuing reports of Weigel running into trouble with the cops.

While there seemed to be much to hate, we also hear the annual party is a good place to network and the venue was tops.

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