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I’ve been a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) in the Windows CE/Pocket PC/Windows Mobile/Windows Phone category for over a decade now. People are awarded the MVP distinction for a variety of reasons. But, one common thread is that MVPs share their knowledge in a wide variety of ways. Microsoft has been collecting some of the knowledge MVPs share in the Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog. I recently provided a guest blog article on a topic that I think about and experiment with a lot: Mobile blogging.

MVPs for Windows Phone 7: Blogging While on the Move with a Windows Phone

In the article I cover using a Windows Phone 7 smartphone to directly create and post content to blogs using WordPress, Tumblr or Posterous services. Blogs can be created an hosted for free on any of these platforms/sites. However, I forgot to mention a big platform in my article: Google’s Blogger. Thanks to @weemundo for pointing this out to me on Twitter. This follow-up blog posts will fill in that gap.

There’s a Windows Phone 7 WordPress app to create and manage WordPress hosted blogs (either by WordPress itself or self-hosted). Posting mobile blogs to Tumblr and Posterous involves a simple to setup email process. There isn’t a native Windows Phone app to post blog items to Blogger. However, like Tumblr and Posterous, Google/Blogger provides a simple email mechanism that can be used. This process is described here on a Blogger help page.

How do I post via email?

Blogger provides a unique email address that accepts posts just for your blog. Anyone who knows the secret word and your username can post a blog item to your blog. So, be sure to keep the secret word a secret like your password. Like Posterous, Blogger translates the following email components into blog components:

Email title -> Blog title
Email text -> Blog text
Attached digital photo -> blog image

You can add a pound sign (“#”) to the end of your intended blog text to make sure that other unnecessary items like email signatures do not get posted into your blog entry.

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