Blog Gives Behind the Scenes Look at 77 WABC

With the burgeoning social media and changing digital landscape, listeners are constantly seeking new ways to get original content. 77 WABC is doing its part to satisfy those desires.

WABC has created The 17th Floor, a new blog exclusive to Once there, fans will be treated to an “all access pass” to all things WABC.

 “This is a rare opportunity to peek behind the curtain of the day-to-day operations of 77 WABC,” program director Laurie Cantillo says. “The 17th Floor gives everyone who works behind the mic and behind the scenes a voice. Why should hosts have all the fun?”

The 17th Floor starts out with a piece on the Indian Point nuclear reactor from senior production engineer Frank D’Elia. There’s also a blog from Imus in the Morning mainstay Rob Barlett on his biggest Broadway flop, reasons why The Joe Crummey Show producer Meg Robertson finally agrees with her host, and an expose´ from news anchor Noam Laden on missing food in the company fridge.

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