Bloggers Will Be Able to Scale The New York Times’ Pay Wall

Plenty of questions still remain about the upcoming conversion to a pay model by The New York Times, but AllThingsD was able to obtain an answer to one important one: how the newspaper will handle links shared by bloggers.

Times spokeswoman Stacy Green wrote in an email to AllThingsD:

Once the pay model is implemented next year, the majority of our readers will be unaffected when using the site and will continue to have the same experience they have always had. Readers will only be prompted to pay after reaching a certain reading limit. The pay model will be designed so readers that are referred from third-party sites such as blogs will be able to access that content without hitting their limit, enabling to continue being a part of the open Web. We have not yet set the reading limit, and we will communicate that once we have made the decision. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.