BlogHer, iVillage Release 2010 Social Media Matters Study

BlogHer and iVillage teamed up with co-sponsors Ketchum and Nielsen on the 2010 Social Media Matters Study, which explored the use of social media by women.

Among findings in the 2010 Social Media Matters Study:
• Blogs trail only search engines as the preferred media source for product-purchasing information for BlogHer users.
• Among BlogHer users, 96 percent read blogs weekly or more often.
• BlogHer users are more active than average women across the board on blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.
• As for iVillage users, message boards and forums were second only to conversations with friends and family as the preferred source of product-purchasing information.
• 73 percent of respondents from the iVillage community said they share topics on message boards and forums that they would not share on social networks. Of those, relationships (61 percent), health (45 percent), and work-related issues (39 percent) were the top topics they would not share on social networks.
•33.6 percent of iVillage community members post on message boards or forums every day.

BlogHer co-founder and chief operating officer Elisa Camahort Page said:

The 20 million users who visit the BlogHer network favor blogs over every other media source for reasons both personal and pragmatic. Even as the scale of overall social-media usage continues to grow, blogs continue to be a highly reliable resource for all women online as they exert their control over the household purse strings.

iVillage executive vice president Jodi Kahn added:

The study confirms that social networks are a key place to capture women’s attention on the path to purchase. The days of relying on one source for information are over. Online peer-to-peer advice on message boards has increasingly become one of the most valuable sources for product recommendations. Marketers cannot afford to overlook this captive audience.

And Ketchum partner/director, global brand marketing practice Kelley Skoloda said:

Social media is a top priority for our marketing clients, and the Social Media Matters study provides valuable insights that will benefit marketers. We are proud to co-sponsor this research. The findings validate our focus on social media, and we look forward to applying the information on behalf of our clients in the future. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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