Bloomberg Adds a Section Devoted to Covering Climate Change

Introducing Climate Changed

Headshot of Corinne Grinapol

The name of Bloomberg’s new section on climate change is an intimation that it is addressing, not debating, reality. It’s called Climate Changed–past tense, as in, climate change has happened. It is still happening, and the articles and videos on the site address the damage that has already been wrought, the worsening scenarios yet to be realized, and what is and isn’t being done about it. It’s a mix of climate news you would expect to see on a news source devoted to covering the topic, like Grist. The differentiating factor here is that, like on Bloomberg proper, the target audience is the business and finance world.

The site also serves a gathering place for coverage that has already been happening at Bloomberg through its “droves of reporters [who] regularly file stories on climate change,” as Huffington Post’s Alexander C. Kaufman reports.

Bloomberg sustainability editor Eric Roston told Kaufman in an interview that business and climate change converge in such a way that it is only logical for Bloomberg to cover the intersection. “Climate change is fundamentally an economic story, it’s an economic problem,” he told Kaufman. “It’s naturally a business story and it’s naturally a concern to rationally minded executives in any sized enterprise.”

Some of the pieces currently up address that directly, like an effort by Walmart to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and get its suppliers to follow suit, while others explore the business angles of issues like melting Arctic ice as in this first piece in a three-parter, while others provide general (and factually frightening) information, like this graphic on global CO2 levels.

To go with the site is a new Twitter account, with the fortuitous handle @climate and a weekly newsletter.