Bloomberg Adds to its Washington Bureau

Changes to White House, Congress and money teams. A lot of changes.

In a memo to staff, Bloomberg Washington bureau chief and senior executive editor Wes Kosova, senior executive editor Marty Schenker and executive editor Craig Gordon announced staffing changes and additions as the bureau preps to cover the next administration.

White House team:

Mike Dorning has been named deputy White House editor; he has been White House correspondent. Jennifer Jacobs, Kevin Cirilli, Jennifer Epstein and Shannon Pettypiece have been added to the bureau’s White House team. Jacobs, Cirilli and Epstein covered the campaign. Pettypiece had been on the Walmart beat, but covered healthcare before then, “an issue we might hear a thing or two about in the coming months,” wrote Kosova, Schenker and Gordon, a reference to the likely spotlight the issue will received as Donald Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress seek to repeal the Affordable Care Act next year.

Congress team:

Bloomberg moves campaign reporter Arit John from New York, Terrence Dopp from Trenton and Anna Edgerton from Brazil to the Washington bureau’s Hill team.


John Voskuhl is named managing editor, responsible for both the campaign finance team and the tax team.

The campaign finance team will add lobbying and government contracting to its purview. In terms of personnel, Mark Niquette will report from Columbus on infrastructure and John McCormick from Chicago on money and politics, including tracking the beneficiaries of Washington spending. Ben Brody will cover lobbying.

The tax team adds Alexis Leondis, who will be the leader of the team, and Sahil Kapur, who will be a reporter.

Voskuhl and Brody will also work with Bloomberg’s newly formed, New York-based Trump Organization team, which covers “Trump’s worldwide business interests and where they may collide with his duties as president.” The team leader there is Ethan Bronner, with Caleb Melby and David Kocieniewski as New York-based reporters and Stephanie Baker, who will be based out of London.

The bureau additions will be met with more writing. “The volume of stories we produce will increase dramatically in the new year,” write Kosova, Schenker and Gordon.

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