Bloomberg Businessweek Launches iPad App

If you like nice looking charts about business stuff, today is your lucky day. Okay, if you like all that and own an iPad, today is your lucky day. Otherwise it’s probably just a normal Monday for you, in which case we’re sorry. But for those lucky people, here’s the news: Bloomberg Businessweek has unveiled its iPad app, and it appears to have a lot going for it.

First there’s the price:  Free to print subscribers, and only $2.99 per month for all others. Then there’s the interactivity features, like being able share articles via social networks that link to articles on the magazine’s website, and a function that allows readers to save articles that they find particularly interesting.

The app also uses Apple’s subscription method, which doesn’t scare Oke Okaro, Bloomberg’s Head of Consumer Mobile Businesses. PaidContent explains:

‘We are very pleased with Apple’s terms,’ he [Okaro] said in a recent interview. As for being able to glean more information about their readers—something magazine publishers value highly, as it gives them more details with which to attract advertisers and build circulation—Okaro said that there will be a lot opportunities through things like reader surveys to get users to share information willingly.

It appears more and more magazines are taking Apple up on its subscription method. FishbowlNY told you about the success Popular Science experienced using the system, and now Businessweek – with an app that appears to be smartly designed in tow – has joined Apple’s ranks as well.

Will every magazine eventually succumb to Apple? Probably not, but it’s looking like the majority will. That’s good news for Apple, which continues to flex its digital muscles on the publishing world.

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