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It's not every #longread that comes with a Certificate of Completion.

Josh Tyrangiel and the Bloomberg gang never miss a trick. When we quickly scanned through the online version of the massive 72-page piece by Paul Ford that is the entirety of the June 15-28 The Code double issue, we were greeted with the following admonishment in the left-hand margin:

Wow. This widget made us guiltily think back to a couple of high school English assignments, and what might have similarly happened those times we jumped to the final page of a literary classic because, you know, an essay had to be written.

If ever an article deserves to be read in print, it is Ford’s treatise (The Code issue hits newsstands Friday). And for those so inclined, the code for The Code can be viewed at GitHub.

There are many chapters in Ford’s gargantuan piece, including:

What’s With All These Conferences, Anyway? (and why are there so many men in this field and why is it so hard for them to be in groups with female programmers and behave in a typical, adult way?)

Why Are Coders Angry?

Along with Ford’s piece, there’s a brief introduction from Tyrangiel and a Table of Contents page. The rest of the 112-page print issue is ads. Finally, per usual, the cover is unique, written this time in the programming language Python 3. View it here.

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