Out of the Black (Background), Debuts Redesign has a new look, which users can opt into starting Monday, and its white background is far easier on the eyes than the black background that resembled the early Bloomberg terminals. head Kevin Krim spoke with Silicon Alley Insider about the site redesign, and highlights follow:

We felt it was critical to create a new platform, a new palette, a new canvas to deliver a must-use site for news throughout the day, every week. We already have a good global audience. We want to grow that. is profitable. Adding BusinessWeek and scale makes it more profitable. Advertisers love our audience. We deliver high-quality content, we have a large audience, an influential audience.

If a user comes to our site, they know what they’re getting. There are no teasers. It’s not an unreliable experience. Anything that gets in the way isn’t worth it for the users. We are committed to the free ad-supported model. That said, we will look at certain subscriber products that are targeted in a very specific way.

It’s also supportive of a virtuous cycle to have be successful. We serve senior business executives who make market-moving news. If a senior exec relies on, and then a reporter calls, the executive will talk to the reporter, who gets news. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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