Bloomberg Donated $311 Million to Charities in 2011

Lord knows New Yorkers have had plenty of complaints about Michael Bloomberg. He underreacted to the blizzard in 2010, then overreacted to Hurricane Irene. The oddness of choosing Cathie Black as school chancellor was only eclipsed by Bloomberg’s quick decision to drop her. Bloomberg also did just about everything wrong when dealing with Occupy Wall Street.

Bloomberg has made a lot of mistakes, but just when we’re finally fed up with him, we read that he donated a whopping $311 million to charities last year. Then we have to admit that — to use a technical term — he’s a pretty solid dude.

The New York Post reports that the gigantic number not only topped his 2010 mark of $279 million, it also made him the fifth most generous donator in the nation. The top donor last year was the estate of Margaret A. Cargill.