Bloomberg’s Goldman Lands First Interview With Prez

Bloomberg‘s Julianna Goldman finds herself in a coveted position today.

Today at 12:30 p.m. ET, President Obama sits down with with the White House Correspondent at the White House today for his first television interview since the election. Goldman and the president will discuss the fiscal cliff – now just four weeks away.

We reached out to Bloomberg for more details on how Goldman secured the big interview. So far… silence, blood from a turnip, etc…

UPDATE: A Bloomberg Spokeswoman got back to us. She preferred to be quoted without her name. Asked why Julianna was able to get the interview, she said, “She’s been covering the President since he announced in Springfield four years ago. For the last year she has been putting in the requests, reaching out to his handlers. She’s been day in and day out, reporting on the President. She was told last Friday. I think she’s an incredibly talented journalists, knows the ins and outs of the fiscal cliff.” Ultimately, she explained, it boils down to Bloomberg‘s audience of “top business leaders” in the country. She thinks the President wanted to reach them and therefore chose Julianna. She added, “I think Bloomberg was chosen because of our network of Terminal subscribers… 315,000 traders and financial professionals use the terminal so the President reached an audience paying close attention to the negotiation.”

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