Bloomberg Radio+ for iPhone Launched Today

Bloomberg launched a new free app today. While the Wall Street Journal’s WSJ Live app released last week is a video app for the iPad, Bloomberg’s app choose to focus on the smaller iPhone and is audio-only.

Bloomberg Radio+ (iTunes App Store)

The app starts with a live Bloomberg Radio feed. The audio quality is good. A scrolling stock ticker feed at the bottom of the display can be modified to show you indices and stocks that interest you. An “On Demand” section lets you listen to specific audio segments. Audio segments can be saved to a Saved Items list for later playback. Segments are list by recency (Latest), Show, Company and People. There’s a bit of a delay when switching from list to list when lists need to be recached. The list of audio segments focusing on specific people is difficult to use because of its length, lack of alphabetic groupings and lack of search. It could, for example take a couple of minutes os scrolling the display to reach “Steve Jobs” on the list.

The app’s audio stream continues to play in the background if you leave the app. There does not appear to be a way to stop or pause the audio from a screen control while playing in the background. I only saw the app crash once while using the app.