Bloomberg to Build Paywall for Revamped Site recently dropped its funerial, DOS-era background in a bid for a larger audience and more ad revenue. At the same time, however, the site is looking for ways to wall off some content and generate some subscription dollars.

paidContent talked to manager Kevin Krim:

The fact that doesn’t have a legacy print publication to support is the key aspect in figuring out the still-to-be-decided paywall strategy, Krim said. “We’ve been talking about some experiments around online subscriptions,” he said. “We want to do it differently from others on the web. We want it to be reliable, straightforward experience and not feel like we’re teasing readers and leading them to some other product.”

Krim also told paidContent that the redesigned site will give greater play to feature stories that aren’t directly related to the stock market. The site has also been revamped to better accommodate ads.

Many financial-news sites have in recent months looked to subscription models. The Financial Times has been scaling back on free content. The Wall Street Journal, which already sports a paywall, has launched a premium “professional” edition. The Economist also lately tweaked its Web site so that the print edition would only be available to subscribers.

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