Bloomberg View Executive Editor Abruptly Quits

James Rubin, hand picked by Michael Bloomberg to be an Executive Editor of Bloomberg View just 10 months ago, has left his position; simply stating that it “wasn’t the right fit.” The New York Times reports that Rubin, who had lots of political experience but none of the journalistic nature, never meshed with Bloomberg’s culture:

Bloomberg prides itself on being a highly collaborative and professional workplace where executives and lower level workers all sit in the same open, bullpen-style office arrangement. Mr. Rubin, who had never worked in an open-office environment, raised eyebrows right away when he objected that he did not have a private work space, said a person who was told of his complaints. When he was later told he could not use a conference room to do his writing, he used headphones to cancel out the newsroom noise.

Both sides insisted that the split was mutual. Rubin said, “I was proud to have participated in the launch of this new venture,” and a Spokesperson for Bloomberg View stated, “We appreciate his service and wish him the best in his next endeavor.”

David Shipley, who was hired at the same time as Rubin, will now operate as the lone Executive Editor of Bloomberg View.