Instantly Visualize Your Twitter Community With Bluenod

Bluenod, from the Paris-based startup of the same name, is a web-based app that allows you to instantly see your Twitter interactions on an interactive map so you can quickly find interesting people and more effectively manage your Twitter community.

Once you’ve logged on to the service via your Twitter profile, you can search for usernames or hashtags and Bluenod will visualize your Twitter community, with each circle representing a Twitter user. Zoom or dig into user’s profiles to learn more.

“Most social media applications do not enable you to manage your digital relations effectively, because they are based on linear stream logic,” says Nicolas Loubet, co-founder of Bluenod. “We think visualization and infographics are the best ways to raise our ability to connect with the right people.”

Bluenod is available in free or pro versions. With the free version of the app you can explore maps based on the last 300 tweets. Pro includes additional features such as storage, time navigation and better search options.