Blume iOS Dating App Makes Users Take Selfies Before Connecting

The dating app was built to protect users from speaking with dishonest connections.

Location-based dating app Blume has announced its launch on iPhone, allowing users to anonymously like or skip each potential match, with a verification system in place to help users ensure they’re speaking with a real person.

The Blume dating app allows users to browse potential matches and tap buttons to express an interest in a match, or move on to the next. When two users express an interest in each other, the app will begin a verification process before they’re connected to chat.

Blume Screenshots

This process forces both users to take a selfie of themselves, which can only be seen once they’ve both taken their selfie. Users aren’t allowed to upload a picture from their camera roll, so the photo must be newly taken within the app. Once both selfies are shown to the matched users, they’ll appear for seven seconds, during which time each user must choose to accept the selfie and chat, or not. Only after both users have accepted each other’s selfie will the app allow them to begin chatting. Users can customize their selfie with text, which can serve as an ice-breaker in any future conversation.

The app works to further protect users from fake accounts by requiring users to connect to their Facebook profile. Once connected, each Blume user can edit the information shown on their profile within the app.

Finally, Blume discourages users from taking screenshots by banning accounts after multiple offenses. To be specific, the first time a user takes a screenshot while using Blume, the app issues the user a warning, and they are banned from the app for two hours. Upon the second offense, the user is banned from Blume for seven days. The third and fourth offenses result in 30-day and permanent bans from the app, respectively.

In a statement, CEO & co-founder Daniel Delouya, commented:

Blume provides a safe environment where people can just relax and be themselves. Women, especially, tell us that for the first time ever they feel safe on a dating app by not having to worry about catfishing. That is why 65 percent of users who match actually initiate a conversation. Blume creates a platform where people can actually form authentic emotional relationships.

Blume is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

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