Blur For XBox 360 and PS3 Leverages Facebook Connect

Bizarre Creations is set to release its multi-platform racer called Blur through Activision Publishing. It’s the first mutli-platform title that will bring the social connectedness of Facebook to console audiences playing on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. An ultimate power-up racing experience, it will look to revamp and capture the experience of Mario Kart and bring it into a whole new light, complete with social features to keep fans engaged for long periods of time.

Blur is a power-up racing experience where players engage in fast vehicle navigation and collect power-ups such as energy bursts and speed-boosting nitros. There’s both competitive and cooperative gameplay that supports up to 20 racers.

“Blur is the first multi-platform videogame that connects the television to Facebook, and for the first time, videogame audiences on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC will be able to link their console gameplay to their network of friends,” said Robert Kotick, CEO, Activision Blizzard. “Facebook has become a fantastic platform for videogames and Blur elevates it even further.”

Blur’s social interaction is quite innovative and will provide Facebook’s sharing as well as challenge capabilities players could use within the game to connect with their friends. Players can take advantage of Blur’s integrated “share” button to delve right into the sanguine nature of competition through multi-player modes or enjoy single player modes.

“Blur’s innovative integration with Facebook makes it easy for players to interact with their real friends to share game play, emotions, and the racing experience,” said Dan Rose, Vice President of Partnerships and Platform Marketing, Facebook. “Blur is leading the next generation of console games integrating with Facebook to make gaming more social for our more than 400 million users.”

The company has also announced other innovative features such as the ability to take in-game pictures to share with friends. With many social integrations, diverse game play options, multi-platform capability, and the nostalgic pleasure of Mario Kart, I am extremely excited to try out Blur.