B&N eReader Apps Still Don't Sync With Nook

Yesterday Barnes and Noble released their eReader app for the iPad, which is one app that I have been looking forward to on my iPad. As you may know, I am big fan of the Barnes and Noble nook, and I have been looking forward to being able to have my reading progress synchronize across all of the devices on which I have my books. When Barnes and Noble announced the nook they promised to provide this synchronization, which is similar to what Kindle owners currently enjoy between the Kindle and the various Kindle apps.

Unfortunately, synchronization is only available between the iPad app and the Windows version of the B&N eReader application. I am surprised that Barnes and Noble did not provide synchronization between its flagship eReader device and the iPad application, and even more surprising is that synchronization is not supported between the iPad app and the iPhone app. For their part, Barnes and Noble says that the functionality is coming, it is just going to take a little longer, and I for one think it cannot get here fast enough.