A Tronc Reporter Withholds His Byline

Bob Seidenberg is finally getting a grievance hearing.

In September, we wrote about the fate of Bob Seidenberg (pictured). The longtime chronicler of all things Evanston, Ill., was contentiously uprooted and re-assigned to cover a different corner of the Chicago suburbs. For other newspapers in the Tronc-Chicago Tribune owned chain of Pioneer Press local newspapers.

As we head into the Christmas holidays, a glaring reminder of this situation is Seidenberg’s articles page. At press time, the last listed item is from Sept. 27, for his old paper, the Evanston Review. There is nothing showing from the months since. And if you go to the website of the Franklin Park Herald-Journal, the paper for which Seidenberg is now mainly writing, there is an item at the top of the page with the byline ‘By Pioneer Press.’ Chances are, Seidenberg wrote it.

A source confirmed to FishbowlNY that Seidenberg has been withholding his byline in protest of the circumstances of his transfer, as permitted by Chicago News Guild rules. A grievance hearing about the matter is finally set to transpire this coming week, but it seems unlikely that the reporter’s side will triumph.

Seidenberg, in his mid-60s, has worked his entire career for Pioneer Press. In a sad, ironic twist, the last bylined item on his articles page involves Northwestern, the university he graduated from decades ago. What’s more, in writing this story, we stumbled upon a telltale Tronc era reminder of all this. An L.A. Times-generated page for Seidenberg that is… completely blank.

Update (Jan. 22):
Seidenberg’s grievance was denied.

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