Boobs And Beats Brand A Good Cause On Facebook

We love this page that promotes a very good cause using very clever branding on Facebook.

Who doesn’t love boobs, especially when they’re in the title of a Facebook page raising money for breast cancer?

As of this writing, 2,500 like the Beats for Boobs page, which promotes a concert series and “a multi-city annual fundraiser that educates the community on breast cancer through a collaborative celebration of art, fashion, food and music.”

And the page includes a photo album with an archive of past promotional imagery that’s simply boobalicious — I get to say that because I’m not a guy (and because my mom had breast cancer during her last year).

Seriously, these designs, along with the name and brand of this organization do a clever job of positioning this cause as something hipper than the typical breast cancer fundraiser. Hopefully that will help boost awareness about the issue among younger people, in addition to scoring extra funds from those who dig good music.

Readers, what’s your opinion of the Beats for Boobs page?