Book Creator Brings Bookmaking to the iPad

An iPad is just for reading eBooks, right? Not anymore. Red Jumper Studio has released a new iPad app this week and it looks like my long running quest to make an eBook for the iPad from an iPad is about to come to an end.

Book Creator looks to be a promising compromise between the utility and convenience of making an eBook without setting aside the iPad. It offers a basic selection of formatting and editing options. You can use it to import and manipulate photos, type or copy & paste text, enter the metadata, and add a cover image.

Now it doesn’t seem to be capable of making the cover itself, so you might want to combine Book Creator with Phoster, another iPad app. between the 2 apps you should have most of the basic needs covered.

I’ve looked over the options, and this app is rather basic. It cannot do some of the more sophisticated formatting, nor does it appear to be able to embed audio or video. This app is also designed to only make one kind of eBook, and that is the fixed-layout Epub that you can read in iBooks. Any eBook made with Book Creator won’t be as quite as functional on any other device because of the formatting that Apple uses.

On the plus side, Book Creator will make standards compliant Epub. Red Jumper Studio boasts that any eBook made with Book Creator will be accepted into the iBookstore.

This app also comes highly recommended, including a positive recommendation from Liz Castro, someone that I would consider to be an Epub expert. All in all, any die-hard eBook fan who owns an ipad shoudl consider getting this app. it looks to be the perfect tool to make a personal eBook, photo album, or Children’s picture book.

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