Publish A Book Of Your Tweets With Sites Like TweetBookz And Twournal

Here’s a holiday gift idea sure to stand out among the socks and picture frames: services like TweetBookz and Twournal let you publish your tweets in hardbound book or journal form.

They’re both super easy to use; you just log in with your Twitter account, customize to your specifications, and order.

Pricing ranges from free (for an eBook PDF) to $135 (for up to 400 pages with color).

Products like these that toe the line between print and digital media tap into a certain nostalgia while still maintaining relevance.

The concept is similar to the plethora of Instagram products that have swept the web – magnets, pillows, mugs and more, all made of your Instagram prints.

While making for a crafty and creative project, these items are also a great way to obtain a hard copy of your online content. It’s sort of the opposte of backing up your files on a hard drive; you’re printing them out for perpetuity instead.

Here’s what a Twournal looks like:

What do you think? Would you ever order a book of your tweets, for someone else or for yourself? Let us know in the comments.

(Books image from Shutterstock)

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