Bookshelf Makes It Easier to Discover New Reads From Your Online Friends

Looking for new books to read? Bookshelf is a new social discovery engine from that helps you find new reads based on friends’ recommendations. The discovery tool lets you create your list of recommended reads and then add friends, so that you can search out their recommendations.

It is easy to use from the get-go. Rather than having to spend time building up your profile with your favorite reads, Bookshelf automatically builds your recommendation library with books that you’ve liked on Facebook, books that you’ve bought online, as well as books that you’ve reviewed on Goodreads, once you give it access. If you want to add other titles, you can do that too. You can even use the tool to trade books. When you add a new book to your “want to read” list, Bookshelf connects you with your friends that have already read the title and may have a copy to lend you. You can send them a request to borrow their copy.

Want to expand beyond your friends’ recommendations? Bookshelf also has curated their own bookshelves so that you can browse reading recommendations in categories such as travel and music.

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