Booktrack: Music Soundtracks Paired With eBooks

Book lovers and music lovers – have  you ever paired your two loves into one experience? That’s what Booktrack is offering, and according to science, the consumption of literature whilst streaming compatible audio is beneficial to reading comprehension while extending average reading time. The best of both worlds, possibly?

Booktrack isn’t going at it alone, they’re paired up with Sony/ATV Music Publishing and Park Road Post Production (Lord of the Rings). This week, the startup secured an additional $3 million in funding while launching its Booktrack Classroom, “which gives students free access to hundreds of soundtracked eBooks suitable for curriculum text or to create their own Booktrack titles.”

The results look promising. In a press announcement about the music and eBook pairing, Booktrack cited a Study from the University of Auckland, which found that “of the 260 students in the randomized study, those who read the syllabus text incorporating Booktrack’s synchronized soundtrack spent 30% more time reading and registered up to 17% higher comprehension in comparison with the control group.”

A second study was conducted with students with reading difficulties, with an even greater impact. This group had up to 18% higher comprehension and 35% higher satisfaction. The studies were led by Dave Hithersay, head of Biology at Auckland’s Mt Roskill Grammar School.

Booktrack’s CEO and founder, Paul Cameron thinks the service is critical to helping students in the age of apps and games. We couldn’t agree more.

Here’s how to get started:



Via Techcrunch

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