Booshaka Will Battle Klout For Facebook Influence Metrics

Now there's another way to measure influence among social media users.

Small businesses, brands and ad firms have a new measurement platform that helps Facebook page owners find and reward their most valuable fans.

Booshaka has set its sights on competing with Klout, which began offering its measurements of social media influence in the middle of October, 2010.

Said competitor actually launched more than a year ago and counts Lady Gaga, Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman and Justin Bieber among its clients.

Now upstart Booshaka spells out three reasons its new service — targeted at small businesses — beats Klout in direct competition.

  • Context: Booshaka says it provides contextual relevance to its scoring and categorization. by measuring the quality of participation for an individual within a specific community, such as a a Facebook page.
  • Social data: Booshaka claims it is analyzing larger amounts of data (125 mm Facebook users versus Klout’s 100 mm) that is arguably more valuable and structured.
  • Business value: Booshaka claims it is growing fast enough to begin to catch up to Klout’s user traction. The company claims more business clients than Klout (10,000 to 2,000 in this specific category.

The specific features of Booshaka’s new offering launched today, include:

  • Facebook rewards: Enables page owners to recognize high value fans and contributions with perks and gifts.
  • Top fans pro: An advanced version of the popular free fan leaderboard that offers management, date customization, and spam identification.
  • News feed optimization: An analytics package that helps measure and improve the strength of fan relationships.
  • User segmentation, profiling and targeting: A big data insights solution that ranks and graphs the activity of a page community as it relates to the Facebook universe.

What do you think of Booshaka’s new offering?