Incoming Boston Globe CEO: ‘There Are No Silver Bullets’

Doug Franklin, 59, came out of retirement.

After a ten-month national search, a successor to Michael Sheehan was found. On Jan. 1, Doug Franklin (pictured) takes over as chief executive of The Boston Globe.

Franklin, who retired in 2015 after a long career with Cox Enterprises, admits he likes to work. From the recent announcement:

“Doug has experienced virtually every challenge our industry faces today — and succeeded at every turn,” said Globe owner and publisher John W. Henry, who has owned the Globe since 2013, in a memo to staff. “As I’ve gotten to know Doug over the past few months, I’ve come to understand that he is fearless, energetic, articulate and passionate in his desire to help the Globe achieve our long-term goal of creating a sustainable business model for high-level journalism.”

During Sheehan’s three-year tenure, the Globe won three Pulitzer Prizes. The outgoing CEO also receives in the piece by Mark Arsenault some additional high praise from Globe editor Bian McGrory:

“I probably shouldn’t say it, but he’s one of our biggest sources of tips. Everyone thinks he’s a choir boy, and they tell him everything. He’s actually a sieve, thank God, and the Globe is better for it.”

Photo via: Boston Globe

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.