Boston Herald Columnist Hoists the Wikileaks Flag

Rails Howie Carr: 'So many hacks, so little space.'

Our former TV Newser colleague Jordan Chariton, now with The Young Turks, has been tweeting about his frustration with the paucity of mainstream media coverage of the John Podesta Wikileaks emails. Well, the Boston Herald is not The New York Times, but columnist Howie Carr’s piece today otherwise fits the bill.

Under the headline “Press Sells Soul at Altar of Hillary Clinton,” Carr kicks things off in crackling form:

A.M. Rosenthal, the old executive editor of The New York Times, used to tell his young reporters:

“You can cover the circus, but you can’t sleep with the elephants!”

But that was then, and this is now, and the new rule for the mainstream media is, “Not only are you expected to sleep with the elephants, but you must never, ever think of actually ‘covering’ them either — just print whatever they order you to print.”

In Carr’s view, New York Times columnist Mark Leibovich is a ‘rumpswab,’ CNBC’s John Harwood a ‘second-generation sycophant’ and cross-town rival the Boston Globe, well, you’ll have to read to drink in that Kennedy-days carry-on analogy. Our main takeaway so far from the Podesta emails is that the Clinton campaign is fortunate these Julian Assange missiles were not fired during the height of her battle with Bernie Sanders.

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