Brad Pitt Wishes He Hadn’t Said A Darn Thing About the 90s

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Brad Pitt has been out and about promoting his new film Moneyball, which was many years in the making and is already getting some positive response from the critics.

But if you really think about it, how often do you hear from Brad Pitt? You see his picture all the time, in red carpet events or paparazzi photos as he travels about with Angelina and the kids. Maybe he’ll talk about his charity work or, like now, a new film. So doesn’t it suck that when he finally does open his mouth, he spends the rest of his Moneyball promo tour explaining that he really didn’t mean anything bad with that comment about the 90s and his marriage to Jennifer Aniston?

All this love triangle business started when Mr. & Mrs. Smith came out… in 2005! Children born that year are in the second grade now (Zahara was an infant when all this started) and we’re still bringing it up. You can listen Brad Pitt say as much in the interview above with the Today show this morning (controversy talk starts at about the 2:50 mark).

Nevertheless, Pitt and his movie’s backers have tickets to sell. So, do you think that dredging up years-old controversy could generate interest in the movie? The comments section is open, as is @PRNewser, and our Facebook page.

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