Brainly now reaches over 20 million users worldwide

With the school year hitting full stride, Brainly announced today that their series of educational apps, along with their Web site, have now reached more than 20 million users.

Inside the social apps, students ask questions about their homework, then receive help from other students who have a better grasp of the subject matter. The apps combine the social aspect of peer support with gamification aspects such as points, rankings, and prizes, resulting in not only a platform of engagement, but a place students can go and find help for their toughest homework assignments.

Of the over 20 million monthly users, 10 million of those are based in Russia, with the user base doubling in 2013 thanks to expansion in both the English and Japanese markets. Indonesia has also been a hotspot for growth, registering 5,500 new users in its first 20 days since launching in that market.

Said Brainly CEO Michał Borkowski: “We had tremendous success in 2013 and have ambitious plans to boost global growth in 2014. Our vision is to see students from all over the world benefiting from our educational peer support system.”

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