Up Close And Personal With Mr. Clean: 6 Brand Mascots To Follow On Twitter

If you’re serious about social media, you already know to turn to Twitter to get up-to-the-minute intel directly from a brand.

Twitter’s your first stop in attempting to get an answer to a question about a brand, or settle a customer service issue.

But what about logging screen time with the brand’s mascot, who’s often the personality you subconsciously associate with a brand?

Below, 6 brand mascots to follow on Twitter.

Energizer Bunny: The celebrity spokesbunny tweets mostly feel-good quotes and photos, with an eye towards promoting Energizer sales and contests. The feed is almost identical to the official @Energizer feed, but with the added bonus of a cute pink bunny avatar.

Geico Gecko: If you like your Twitter with a British accent, follow the Geico Gecko (you have to imagine the British accent in your head). Geico’s brand following is arguably more familiar with its leading lizard than most other current brand mascots, thanks to his frequent TV spots and online ads. So Mr. Gecko’s tweets seem more genuine than many other brand mascots’. If, that is, you can call “genuine” the fact that an animated amphibian is the author of a new book.

Mr. Clean: As @RealMrClean’s 12,000 followers know, he helps people get rid of dirt faster and easier. Follow him for amusing 140-character missives to his loyal following about everything from Googling his own name to searching for shower facilities at Coachella.

M&M’s Ms. Green: The sultry female M&M, apparently named Ms. Green, has her own Twitter feed, 54,000 followers strong. Follow her for attitude-laden tweets about M&M happenings and pop culture.

Smokey Bear: The wildfire warner’s 15,000 fans can count on him for fire safety tips and more.

Cap’n Crunch: 14,000 cereal lovers follow this “Famous Cap’n, Adventurer, Breakfast connoisseur formerly lost at sea and glad to be found.”

Are there any other brand mascots you follow on Twitter?

(Image via MrClean.com)

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