3 Reasons Your Brand Should Be Using Video On Twitter Right Now

3 Reasons Your Brand Should Be Using Video On Twitter Right Now

A good brand should feel like an indispensable friend or ally. It should feel honest and available – and there’s no better way than using video. Today’s biggest brands from Coke to Oreo put a ton of work into creating fast, effective video that reaches out through their network to say hi to their customers where they live – like a friend.

It follows that your brand should use video – you’ll be able to reach your customers in a way you hadn’t anticipated possible.

1. Create an experience with your brand

Today’s brands aren’t just generating awareness or ensuring they are in the subconscious – they need to create experiences for their customers. Whether it’s Red Bull jumping in from space or Volvo trucks splitting Jean Claude Van Damme’s crotch down the middle, these experiences are word-of-mouth worthy and take video marketing to a new level. They’re also quite difficult – for every success, YouTube is littered with over-reaching or flatly written ‘viral videos’ with 274 views and brand-negative comments.

Because Twitter allows video to be played in-stream, your audience can experience your brand’s world for a few minutes, without leaving Twitter itself. This helps keeps them engaged, as they don’t have to click away from their stream.

2. Customer service Q&A
Brands are turning to Twitter as a customer service tool these days – whether they want to or not. As customers flock to Twitter with their complaints it is a brand’s obligation to meet them there and, even better, anticipate their problems. NatWest took an original spin when they used Vine to create their frequently asked questions in creative video formats and post them on their Vine. The posts received some love from followers and lightened the tone in a space usually reserved for criticism.

3. Respond to controversy directly
Let’s say your brand is running into criticism on Twitter. There’s a product problem and users are endlessly retweeting the negative content. A brand must be ready to quickly address the situation and demonstrate transparency – it isn’t enough to let rumors proliferate and grow. As your social media team addresses and responds to the gaffe on Twitter, a video team can prepare a quick statement or video that clarifies the situation directly.

Bonus: Twitter Amplify is a program that allows brands and advertisers to display videos and associated ads directly within a tweet. If your business has video content that is sponsored or has advertisers, you’d be wise to contact Twitter and attempt to join the program. Television companies have made up the brunt of this program so far but Twitter is always searching for new brands. This would be a great way for a brand to earn further revenue and strengthen their relationship with their advertiser.

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