Brands, Political Interests Tweeted the ‘Mad Men’ Premiere With Varying Degrees of Success

We see why they tried it, but we question whether many of them should have.

petco mad menSo how good was it to see Mad Men back on the screen? And Neve Campbell for that matter?

Knowing that this was going to take over Sunday night television, brands went all out in their attempts to get clever on Twitter for the premiere. We’ll start with the strange: Petco, the pet supply store, got in on the action with tweet above. Glad Men? More like:

confused dog

Then there was Domino’s Pizza that decided it was the right time to live tweet. This post was cute:

dominos mad men

But this one was a little umm… And if these boxes are real, that’s very problematic.

dominos mad men1

Those with political interests also went back to the President’s State of the Union address and his comment referring to Mad Men on the topic of equal pay.

horsford mad men

Emily’s List, the political activist group that works to get women elected, actually had a whole series of tweets with the theme.

emilys list mad men

Back in the brand category, the one that probably makes the most sense is Woodford Reserve, a bourbon label.

woodford reserve mad men

But then this commercial ran at one point and it made those Emily’s List tweets even more appropriate.

The premiere of the final season of Mad Men is a big deal. But unlike, say, The Walking Dead or the Super Bowl, there’s only so much that you can do to make a Twitter play on Mad Men. It’s a drama set decades in the past, it’s focused on all that’s both clever and dysfunctional about the advertising industry and it’s one of the smartest shows to ever air. Playing off of it to score marketing points is going to be very difficult. Proceed with caution.

[Confused pug via Shutterstock]