Bravo Media’s Aimee Viles Speaks at Think Mobile

Bravo Media vice president of emerging media Aimee Viles outlined her cable network’s mobile strategies during a Smart Mobile Marketing panel at‘s Think Mobile conference at Comix in New York Wednesday afternoon.

On Bravo’s corporate perception of mobile, Viles said:

Bravo as a company, fundamentally, really looks at all of these different types of new media as a part of its business. We really think about: Who are our fans, and how are we engaging with them? We don’t really think about things on a campaign basis. We want to create longer-running experiences. What are people doing throughout the day? How do we want to have this conversation with them?

Viles also focused on the opportunities for providers of mobile content to engage audiences at all times, saying:

While watching TV, you’re much more likely to have a phone next to you than to have a laptop next to you. If you’re out there waiting for a bus, you can go and look through some photo galleries.

Bravo has dangled carrots including merchandise from its shows and the ability to attend tapings as prizes in its mobile contests, and Viles said the network has found success driving traffic with text and media messages, adding:

For us, SMS works really well as a call to action. Something like MMS is really fantastic, because we can actually send you a video clip of the show. We want to provide you a Bravo-branded and curated hub you can come to.

Her advice to other mobile-content providers:

Be thoughtful of the messaging you’re putting out there. You can’t just regurgitate the messages you’re putting out there on your other platforms.

Finally, Viles spoke about Bravo’s recently announced partnership with mobile location-based social game foursquare:

We were the first television network out there that had a relationship with foursquare on the branded side. You can check in to these specific locations and earn Top Chef– or Bravo-specific badges. It was a great way to leverage something that we already did — it’s almost like TiVo when it launched. There’s a huge competition in our office over who’s the mayor of 30 Rock. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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