Bravo to Play Games with Fans of Top Chef, Real Housewives

Bravo Media will promote its Top Chef and Real Housewives franchises with three games to debut over the next three months for the iPhone and on, with all three titles incorporating Facebook Connect so players can share scores and challenge their friends.

The first to debut will be Top Chef Food Fight later in April, followed by Real Housewives Hidden Object Game in May and Who Is “Top Chef?” in June.

Top Chef Food Fight is exactly what it sounds like, with the ability for players to “Chef-ify” themselves by adding their pictures to their favorite contestants.

Real Housewives Hidden Object Game allows players to earn “housewife points” to become the newest housewife by helping cast members from the various cities find items they need for their next social event.

And Who Is “Top Chef?” incorporates various mini-games where players cycle through three quick, single-player games that gauge their abilities in the categories of agility, memory, and presentation.

UPDATED 4 p.m. ET: For more on Bravo, please see‘s interview with vice president of emerging media Aimee Viles, who will be a speaker at Mediabistro’s Think Mobile conference April 7-8 at Comix in New York.

Bravo Media senior vice president of digital media Lisa Hsia said:

We know from our other social-media initiatives how much our fans love to engage and connect with each other, so this is a perfect fit for our fans to experience Bravo on a whole new level. They can live the life of a “Real Housewife” or test their kitchen prowess with the cast of Top Chef, allowing them to be part of Bravo in a whole new way. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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