Twitter Ranks Below Yahoo Answers Amongst Top Social Networks In Brazil [STUDY]

For some time now, Brazil has been touted as one of Twitter’s top countries, with a recent visual suggesting it rated fifth amongst all regions on Twitter for active users. Previous surveys have been equally bullish, and Twitter opened an official Brazilian office in March of this year.

So, it’s with some surprise that a new Experian poll has suggested that Twitter has almost no presence in Brazil whatsoever. Indeed, it ranks behind even Yahoo Answers.

And this is the Brazilian version of Yahoo Answers, too – not the main site. A release from Experian last month stated that Facebook owns a whopping 73.5 percent share of social media visits in Brazil, with YouTube (16.34 percent) and Badoo (1.2 percent) rounding out the top three.

Twitter? Just 0.90 percent, behind Yahoo Answers Brasil’s 0.94 percent. Talk about egg on face.

This one’s a bit of a curio and I’d take it with a pinch at the moment, simply because it seems to go so blatantly against everything else I’ve ever read about Twitter in Brazil.

(Source: eMarketer. Brazil flag image via Shutterstock.)

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