Breaker Mixes News With Instant Messaging on iOS

The personalized news app allows users to share news stories with friends, and chat about them within the app.

Breaker has announced the official release of its Breaker Messenger news app on iOS devices.

The app combines a personalized news feed with messaging features, and allows users to browse trending content from more than 500 topics, and share and discuss stories with friends within the app.

With Breaker Messenger, users are asked to follow at least three topics, with some offering both the general topic to follow, as well as specific categories within that topic.

For instance, users can follow a general U.S. news topic, or follow news for specific cities, like Chicago or Los Angeles, as examples.

Breaker Messenger

After users have followed a few topics, their personalized feed will offer appropriate stories and links, with the app pulling in content from news sources, as well as from YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Vine. Tapping a story loads the in-app Web browser for viewing the linked article, video, etc.

When users find a story they’d like to share with friends, they can tap the ‘Break’ button next to the story on their feed, and share it with one or more of their contacts, even if those users don’t have the app. Sending a story triggers the creation of a chat conversation, so users can instantly chat about the shared story without leaving the app.

If a user sends content to someone without the Breaker Messenger app, the non-user will receive a text message allowing them to view both the shared content and the overall chat conversation in their device browser. These non-users can reply in the chat window without actually downloading the app. Users can chat about the same story with multiple users in a group chat, or in individual chats with each contact.

In a statement, Breaker CEO, Shailo Rao, commented:

On mobile, people communicate with their friends and consume content about their passions many times a day, but why are these two experiences so disconnected? Breaker connects the dots between these two major use cases and gives people a great excuse to say ‘hi’ to a friend and start a conversation about something they’re both interested in. It’s a warm and intriguing daily habit that brings friends closer.

Breaker Messenger is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.