Breaking Bad Trailer; Watch One of the Funniest Ads of the Year: Wednesday’s First Things First

Plus, learn how to make networking at events easier

jesse pinkman aaron paul el camino breaking bad movie trailer
El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie picks up right after the 2013 series finale. - Credit by Netflix
Headshot of Jameson Fleming

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Netflix Reveals Biggest Glimpse Yet of Aaron Paul on the Run in Breaking Bad Movie El Camino

Jesse Pinkman is back. And so is Walter White? In the new trailer for Netflix’s Breaking Bad movie El Camino, we get a look at what Pinkman’s life is like following the traumatic events of the show’s final episode. Pinkman is on the run, reconnecting with a few old friends, but, most importantly, Pinkman meets with a shadowy figure that sure sounds like Walter White. Of course, Bryan Cranston’s character is presumed to be dead, but the old rule goes: If you don’t definitively see a character die on camera, they probably aren’t dead. So maybe, just maybe, White’s reign of terror isn’t done yet.

Read more: Watch the full trailer to see what Pinkman is up to.

The Biggest Questions of the Fall 2019 TV Season, Answered

As the fall broadcast season kicks off this week, networks face a number of uncertainties. Can The CW’s Arrowverse survive without Arrow? What about CBS without The Big Bang Theory? Is NBC done with musicals?

Read more: TV/media editor Jason Lynch breaks down the answers to those questions and many more (like why on earth is there an emoji in Bob ♥ Abishola?).

Exclusive: The New York Times Shuts Down Its Stand-Alone Influencer Agency

The New York Times has shuttered HelloSociety, the influencer marketing agency it acquired in 2016 as a stand-alone business. Instead, the publisher will rebrand and offer those services under Fake Love, its experiential agency, by 2020. It’s cutting about 20 jobs, and the rest of HelloSociety’s employees will work for Fake Love.

Read more: Go inside the decision to end HelloSociety and how the agency used influencers.

Comscore Pays $5 Million to Settle Securities Fraud Charges

The SEC has charged media measurement and analytics firm Comscore and its former CEO Serge Matta with defrauding investors by overstating company revenue by about $50 million over a two-year period and making false statements about the health of the company.

Read more: Streaming editor Kelsey Sutton breaks down the charges against Comscore.

Just Briefly: The Rest of Today’s Top News and Insights

Ad of the Day: Hold Up, Did Splenda Just Make One of the Year’s Funniest Ads?

One of the funniest ads we’ve seen in a while isn’t for candy bars or fast food or insurance, and it’s not from W+K, BBDO or Goodby Silverstein. It’s for Splenda, and it’s from an agency in Chattanooga, Tenn.

With its surprisingly topical and witty spot for Splenda Stevia, Humanaut proves that a good laugh can come from anywhere if you approach it from the right angle.

Career Tip: Networking at Industry Events Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

We asked marketers how they effectively work the room at industry events. Their advice? Come prepared with interesting questions, know who you want to meet and maybe just wear something subtle as a conversation starter.

Read more: Here are 9 tips to make networking easier.

Why Volkswagen Just Moved the Beetle on the Cover of Abbey Road

In honor of The Beatles’ Abbey Road turning 50 this week, Volkswagen has released what it’s calling the Reparked Edition of the iconic album’s cover. Originally, the Volkswagen on the cover was parked illegally on the curb, but the brand moved it a few feet to the right. The special cover is not just a quick Photoshop. The brand is selling the album and donating the proceeds to charity.

Read more: As always, there’s a marketing angle to this, and the brand is using the album to highlight one of the car’s features.

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