Latest Journalist to Cross Over to PR: Brian Mansfield

Highly respected vet is trading the USA Today music beat for Shore Fire Media.

After 18 years of being pitched as a USA Today music journalist, Brian Mansfield has decided it’s time to do the pitching. Per an exclusive report from our sister publication Billboard, he’s joining the firm Shore Fire Media Oct. 13 as content director. Today is his final day with the paper:

“Brian is going to be in charge of creating and unifying all of our written materials and creating a stream of text and images and music for us,” Shore Fire founder Marilyn Laverty elaborated in an interview. “He’s also going to be contributing media strategies for campaigns. And as someone who I think is so widely respected and so knowledgeable in the music business, he’ll be a great ambassador for us as well. We’ve invested a lot of effort in our staff writing this year, and feel that providing a stream of text and images is really the future for us. And it’ll be helpful not only to our friends in the media but reach fans directly.”

The Shore Fire Media testimonials are impressive. Here for example is how Bruce Springsteen’s manager Jon Landau describes his experience with the Brooklyn-based boutique outfit:

“This has been an ideal relationship in which the sensibility of the publicist and the artist are in total harmony. The Shore Fire team have been able to represent Bruce with the subtlety, integrity and professionalism that are the essentials of the job.”

The blurb for Mansfield at the USA Today end is equally impressive. The paper reminds that the reporter was the first person Taylor Swift followed on Twitter. Read the rest of Chris Willman’s exclusive here. Mansfield will remain based in Nashville.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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