Ex-Gawker Writer Pats Himself on the Back for Helping Anderson Cooper Come Out

A rather laughable #humblebrag.

Depending how you feel about the spark that lit the Gawker-Peter Thiel battle, you’re either going to love a piece in The Guardian today by Brian Moylan or shake your head.

Under the headline “I  Helped Push Anderson Cooper Out of the Closet – And His Journalism Is Better For It,” Moylan revisits his dogged pursuit of that story for Gawker. He links this revisit to the outpouring of praise on social media this week for Cooper’s coverage of the Orlando massacre:

I’ve always been a proponent of outing public figures, especially those that live in a so-called glass closet, where many people know that they’re gay but they won’t acknowledge it publicly. I think it’s a disservice to gay people and leads to negative attitudes toward homosexuality within our culture – something that might have played a part in the Pulse shootings.

Nick Denton, the owner of Gawker, feels the same way, or at least did when I worked for him at Gawker. He encouraged outing not only Cooper but any public figure. This is especially ironic now since Gawker Media filed bankruptcy protection after losing a $115m lawsuit for posting snippets of a sex tape made by professional wrestler Hulk Hogan. A substantial part of Hogan’s legal bills werepaid by gay billionaire Peter Thiel, who carries a grudge against Gawker because they outed him once upon a time.

Moylan’s main piece about the so-called “glass closet” Cooper once occupied appeared in the fall of 2009. The reporter also previously wrote, in the interim, for Guardian US about this same Cooper topic.

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