Brian Stelter Holds a Focus Group on Media Mistrust

"Where is the truth? There's absolutely no substance."

“Trump’s assault is unique. He’s been undermining the press really, completely, rejecting the notion of journalism, and according to those polls, it has inflicted some damage,” says Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter as he introduces the 20-person focus group he convened following the third debate to look into the idea of media mistrust. And like the polls showing growing mistrust of media that Stelter references, more hands go up for “distrust the media” than “trust the media” in his focus group.

The reasons? “Not enough honesty.” “Where is the truth? There’s absolutely no substance.” “I think a lot of things are taken out of context.” “Just stick with the facts,” were what some of the respondents came up with.

We would have loved to see participants dig in deeper, giving examples of just what they don’t like about the media. Speaking of which, having respondents each define what media means to them and what their media diet is comprised of would have been equally illuminating.

Watch the entire segment below.

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