Bridgestone Unveils a 21″ Color ePaper Screen

If you think bigger is better, you’re going to be please with this video showing a new Bridgestone screen.

There’s a screen tech trade going on right now in Tokyo, and Bridgestone brought its largest eReader screen. It has a 21″, A3 sized screen which is around 4 times the size of the iPad or Kindle DX screen. There’s no word on when the monster screen will be available, but the 13″ screen should be be on the market in Taiwan now.

My source is calling this an E-ink screen, but it’s not. This screen uses Bridgestone’s own QR-LPD screen technology. QR-LPD (Quick Response Liquid paper Display) has some details in common with E-ink, but it was developed by Bridgestone and is most certainly not the same technology.

This is the same screen that I saw at CES 2011, and it also has made a number of appearance in the past year. The most notable was at a digital ink art exhibit and workshop in Berlin.
via Akihabara News

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