Brilliantly Despicable: New York Mag’s “Approval Matrix” To Become A Bravo TV Show

Having evidently exhausted the remake well, TV execs are now looking to magazines for inspiration.

Development execs at Bravo have tapped Michael Hirschorn, the man responsible for the gift that is VH1’s I Love the 8os, to collaborate with New York editor Adam Moss on how to translate the magazine’s popular “Approval Matrix” feature to the small screen.

For those who aren’t familiar, the matrix, which is assembled by New York associate editors Ben Mathis-Lilley and Emma Rosenblum, charts pop culture trends on a grid according to how highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant and/or despicable they are deemed.

There’s no word yet on who’ll be cast, but we’re hoping they go relatively middlebrow and brilliant (Tim Gunn!), as opposed to lowbrow and despicable (Andy Dick!).

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