And The Winning Name For The @BronxZoosCobra Is…

… Mia.

(Yeah, I was expecting Fang as well.)

Partnering with the New York Daily News, the Bronx Zoo let the public submit their favourite name for the high-profile escapee, and more than 34,000 people responded with their nominations.

Mia was nominated 222 times and received 15,972 votes, or 27 per cent of the total.

The final results:

  1. Mia (15,972, 27%)
  2. Subira (14,016 votes, 24 percent)
  3. Amaunet (11,672 votes, 20 percent)
  4. Cleopatra (10,730 votes, 18 percent)
  5. Agnes (6,777 votes, 11 percent)

In total, 59,535 people voted.

Over on Twitter, ‘Mia’ celebrated in style.

I was in New York City whilst the search for the cobra reached fever pitch. While these kinds of memes are usually lost on me, the @BronxZoosCobra profile received a ton of attention from local media, likely because, despite the frivolity, it ran nicely alongside a real-life event, and it was one that was happening right now and contained an element of danger, even if it was wildly exaggerated (and ultimately a total non-starter).

The Reptile House at the Bronx Zoo was re-opened on Saturday, April 9. Head on over to pay your respects to Mia.

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