Browse and shop for fashion in Stylekick on iPhone


Stylekick has announced the launch of its updated fashion platform on iPhone. Since launching last fall, the Stylekick app has been updated with thousands of new looks, a redesigned user interface, app performance improvements, and support for sharing items on social networks. In this new version, iPhone users can like and share their favorite clothing items and accessories, as well as receive recommendations based on their tastes.

The Stylekick app allows users to browse thousands of catalog-style images, and like individual clothing items or accessories from those pictures. Double-tapping on an item saves it to the user’s favorites folder, while tapping and holding on an image allows users to share their favorite looks with friends. The app supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and email sharing.

When liking an image simply isn’t enough, Stylekick offers a “shop the look” feature for learning more about specific items, including their prices and brand names. From there, users can tap a “find more” button to see other images containing that same item, or can head directly to the store’s website to buy the item.

Users are encouraged to upload their own looks to the app, choosing images from their camera roll, or taking them from within the app. Users can follow others with similar tastes, with the app’s machine learning algorithms learning a user’s tastes over time. This allows the app to show content that best fits with a user’s existing tastes.

Stylekick is available to download for free on iPhone. Check back soon to follow the app on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.

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