James Lipton Puts a Bow on Boxing Day

This is pretty cool. On December 26, fans of Bravo’s Inside the actors Studio will get to enjoy a very special holiday treat – the first-ever episode featuring a father and daughter.

Bruce Dern, gathering momentum each day for a second Oscar nomination for his role in Nebraska, was joined on stage by his Oscar nominated daughter Laura. Set your DVR for 7 p.m. From today’s announcement, which followed the exclusive tip to THR’s Scott Feinberg:

Viewers will learn what it was like for Laura to grow up with both her father and mother, Diane Ladd, in the industry, and to be the first and only family to each have a star side by side on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Bruce Dern reveals what it was like to be the only actor to kill John Wayne in a movie, and why Jack Nicholson is the best on-screen partner he has ever had.

Our friend and colleague Pam Grady, a veteran freelance film journalist based in San Francisco, recently shared that sitting down with papa Dern to talk about Nebraska ranks as her favorite all-time interview. That’s saying a lot, because over the years at Sundance, Toronto, Mill Valley and other locales, Grady has interviewed many more people than Lipton.

Photo of the Derns at 2013 Cannes Film Festival: cinemafestival/Shutterstock.com

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