Albuquerque Sun Sets on Bryan Cranston’s No-Pants Rule

After watching Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston do his thing on location in New Mexico for the upcoming final season of the AMC program, in the bitter January cold, visiting LA reporter Ruben Nepales sat down with the actor in a nearby hotel suite. What followed was a most unusual line of questioning:

I told Bryan what his co-star Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) told me earlier. “No one knows this,” Aaron said, relaxing with a drink after a day’s shoot, “but Bryan never wears pants in close-up shots. He is very proud of what is happening down there and he thinks it is intimidating for all of us, in a loving way. From the belly down, he has nothing on.”

When I asked how he reacted when Bryan first did this, Aaron answered: “I was not surprised. He slowly removed his pants, staring [at me] as he bent down to do it.”

The rest of the article passage features a playful comment from Cranston about the trouser trick. We double checked with Nepales and he confirmed that from all indications, Cranston has pulled this tension-breaking move more than once. For this, the three-time Lead Actor in a Drama series Emmy winner gets from us a hearty WWFTW! (Walter White for the win!)

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